Custom Optics

Whether you are developing a new component, or looking for a new way to produce an existing line; Our team is here to help you every step of the way.

About Our Custom Optics Services

We are able to design and produce a range of optical components to meet your project’s needs.
With years of experience and knowledge; we are committed to manufacturing the perfect component for you.

Starting with the substrate; we can assist in your selection process based on the intended application and desired specifications of the part. Using our network of fabrication shops, we can always source your substrates at a competitive rate.

The coating; designed and produced on-site at our North Andover location. Our coating engineers will design and test the coating, making sure it meets all your specs.

Each coating run is accompanied by a witness sample. After the run, we test the witness sample and include a copy of the spectral curve with the shipment of your parts.

The average length of employment for our technicians is over 10 years; they know how to handle, clean, perform durability tests, and inspect a wide range of optics. No matter what you are looking for, you can feel confident, your optics are in the right hands.

Upon request; we will perform environmental testing. We have on-site, a Teny TR2 Envirnmental Chamber capable of reaching temperatures from -70⁰C – 200⁰C, and relative humidity from 0% – 95%. The chamber is fully programmable and can store multiple test profiles for repeatable conditions. Any further testing, can be performed off-site.

Markets We Help With Custom Optics


Whether your project involves industrial endoscopes, barcode scanners or autonomous vehicles, IMPhotonix can help design and produce the optical coatings that suit your needs and fit your budget.

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Our filtering and anti-reflective coatings enable medical professionals to perform tasks ranging from employee drug screening to pharmaceutical quality assurance, from cosmetic enhancement to life-saving surgery.

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Our optical coatings expertise plays an integral part in the design and production of applications such as real-time imaging and night vision goggles – two key components needed in an increasingly complex world.

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Research & Development

We’re playing a role today in the development of products that will shape all of our lives tomorrow.

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Looking for quality custom optics?

IMPhotonix has over 35 years of expertise producing high performance coated optics. Contact us to learn how we can help you!