Small Company, Big Results

Time and again, IMPhotonix has risen to the challenge, providing exceptional customer service, expertise and fast turn-around. Time and again, customers have come to know IMPhotonix as the optical coating experts.

In 2007, a defense contractor hired two sub-contractors whose technologies needed to be combined into one unit. The first one specialized in simple night vision goggles (which produce green and grey hues), while the other company specialized in conveying information to troops using entirely different hues. Simply put, it was an engineering feat, combining the two technologies into one lightweight unit. And IMPhotonix made it happen.

In 2010, when a major international airline experienced a near-calamitous engine fire and had little choice but to ground its division pending an engine recall, IMPhotonix delivered. Our technical team worked overtime, then straight through the weekend, creating optical coatings for the lenses of industrial endoscopes. Ultimately, as a result of our fast turn-around, we saved the end customer hundreds of thousands of dollars per day in lost revenue. When you need optical coatings done on short notice and done right the first time, we’re here for you; we’re here to deliver exactly what your optics need.

In 2013, we received a call from a medical endoscope manufacturer. Could we come to their plant and review their process? Their customers’ arthroscopic surgeons were concerned that the system’s camera was enhancing one color over another, meaning they couldn’t tell the difference between healthy tissue and damaged tissue. The visible color (filtering) problem was diagnosed and solved in short order by IMPhotonix, the optical coatings experts.

We’ve had our share of successes both big and small, but you get the point. Why not give us a call? We’d love to learn about your optical coating needs.